Amsterdam someday


Let’s rent love in canal boats

Spend extra for candles, their solitary

flames in the water, divers for pearls

clutching at the inky flow, it passes through my fingers

warm as a bench, windows glare into its glass ball

as if our futures were in the bottom

fluctuating, dissolving at a glance


Walk to Anne Frank’s House in the rain

Fill the rooms with our outside smell, our drenched skin

The watery streets filling the bare stairways

Re-read Dickens who is always on one page

Behind glass, watch our reflections that are hand grasping

Tender, coupled among her lonely artefacts.


You will take photos of our shadows

Their leaning bodies blurring

the lines of skin and clothes

The smoke in bars spices the air and we suck it in

dive into kissing like it’s a fix.


The quick fix of money on cakes, chips

The cost of entry to the sex museum and the cost

Of the erotic museum to be compared with their exhibitions

The flash of your camera among red windows, surreptitious

Their faded neon in daylight when the crowds have vanished


Vanishing ourselves, gathering up odd seconds of sunshine

Developing them in the dark room of England

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Morning to Evening

Never gonna leave this bed…


You like it best, in the morning, the afternoon

The early hours honey, speak to you

The sun drifts, speckled by shadows

Our bed turns lemon and we suck

The rinds, its peel, its discarded colour

the white walls blush with summer

slowing us down to the swallow of beer


slow as a yawn in a classroom

fast as the pace of the day, three hours have passed

and somehow we are still in bed, the covers

warm as a teaspoon, our curves make

commas and full stops, the space between movements

weighted with our combined gravity

heavy with our combined weight


evenings are for working, windows blackened out

street lamps momentary suns spin on, the streets echo

and laptops light up our faces, the television beams

cast around the lounge, lamps seek out corners


I like it best before midnight, when my face

Is a shadow to myself, I can hide from my skin

Put myself deep in your body. I’ve buried my nightmares away

Touching you is light, stars, rockets

Blazing to anonymous forever.

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